Support The Monster Milers Rescue Run 5K

Chip and I are running the The Monster Milers Rescue Run 5K on Sunday, Sept 25th to raise money for some great pups and people. We will will also be recording our podcast and interviewing the awesome people (and pups) involved.

I ran this race last year and it was truly wonderful. You get to meet a lot of sweet dogs looking for a home and also get so many licks to the face!

Please support us if you can, any amount goes a long way. Donate and we’ll mention your name in a song during the podcast! It will probably be a power pop ditty or maybe a ballad, depending on our mood at the time.

Make a Donation:

Please feel free to share, too! Much appreciated.

Hugs, Jeff




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Junk Miles

Junk Miles

Chip and Jeff have a new podcast! Each action-packed episode is recorded WHILE THEY RUN around various fun locations and chat about running, comedy, music and other assorted nonsense. Take them with you on your next run!