Episode 10 – South Philly

Chip and Jeff enjoyed a hot and spicy night of talking while running in the historic Bella Vista and South Philly neighborhoods in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. They discussed: adventure runs, Frank Rizzo Mural, Stockard Channing, the Italian Market, smoke walks, corn on the cob, Ben Franklin Bridge, dog costumes, tug boats, “Brandi,” Happy Birthday Mary Chantry, Philly 10K, Philly Runner, Delaware River Cat Haven, Pier 68, seeing bands alone, Swervedriver, Lloyd Bridges, Keith Moon, falling off ladders, Bucks County Marathon, The Cure, Mummer Museum, Oates statue, kickball leagues, Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar, favorite Beatles song, Devil’s Den, Andy Richter, Todd Glass, Philly’s Marilyn Monroe Man and “John” Goodtimes.

Music Played: “Last Rites” by Swervedriver and “Hanging on The Telephone” by The Nerves

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